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What is a Measured Survey?

A measured survey requires a designer taking accurate measurements of your house using a laser. This enables plans and design to be 100% accurate.

Do I Require Planning Permission for my Project?

Not every project will require planning permission, some extensions will fall within permitted development. However it would be advisable to apply for a lawful development certificate to confirm that your project does not require permission. Use the link to the planning portal below for additional guidance.

How Many Revisions to Plans Can I Have?

Every package comes with 1 revision change. This means that we can alter the plans if you decide that a different floor plan is more suitable. Once planning is submitted then any changes required by planners will be covered in the package price.

How Much are Construction Costs?

Again, this will vary from site to site and very much depends on the specification of the build. You should at least allow £1200-£1350 per sqm to build the shell of your extension. This will not include the fit out, such as kitchens and electrics etc.

How Long Will my Extension Take to Build?

This is obviously size dependant and can vary from site to site. However, a single storey should take around 8 weeks and a two storey around 12 weeks. This is to build the shell of the extension and then requires the internal fit out.

When do I Pay?

Payment is taken is stages depending on the package you choose. Typically this will be 50% on submission and 50% on determination.

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